Serumwerk DiaCart

The Serumwek DiaCart is a bicarbonate cartridge designed for use during haemodialysis treatment. Manufactured in clean-room conditions the production of this product includes the careful on-line filling of the sodum hydrogen carbonate powder inside. The Serumwerk Diacart can be used on all current dialysis machines providing they have suitable cartridge holders. Thanks to their environmentally-responsible packaging these products can be easily disposed of.

At Health Tec Medical Ltd we have a long established UK distributorship agreement in place with Serumwerk BV. Established in 1998, they are a subsidiary of Serumwerk Bernburg AG. Having grown substantially, they now market a range of dialysis-related products.

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  • Fully automated production of cartridge housings using cutting-edge technology (DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 46001, Directive 93/42/ECC Appendix II)
  • Certified under EC Council Directive no. 93/42/EEC on medical products
  • Manufactured in clean-room conditions with on-line filling of the sodium hydrogen carbonate powder
  • Can be used on all current dialysis machines with appropriate cartridge holders
  • The easy-to-handle cartridge housing makes for simple attachment to the adapter on the dialysis machine being used. Clear PP housing allows optimum in-use monitoring
  • The DiaCart uses dust-proof cardboard packaging. This sole recyclable element makes for clean and easy disposal